1.   How long does the scanning process take? (How many sessions?)
     2.   What type or brand of bra styles will I be able to wear this prosthesis with?
     3.   Can my own bra be used with your prosthesis?
     4.   How can I schedule an appointment?
     5.   What is White Light Scanning?
     6.   What is Pre-mastectomy 3-D Breast Scanning?

1.   How long does the scanning process take? (How many sessions?)
The complete scanning process is broken down into two very quick scanning sessions. The first session is to scan the breasts before the mastectomy with and without a bra.  Done in a matter of 15 minutes total. The second scanning session is after the mastectomy with the bra on, if single mastectomy was performed, and then with bra off. This captures the true shape of the chest cavity after the mastectomy so the prosthesis can fit exactly to your shape. Although it is not necessary and our staff is very professional, we will welcome a family member or a friend to come with you for comfort and support. Breast cancer surgery can be a very emotional experience and we encourage any and all support through every process.
2.   What type or brand of bra styles will I be able to wear this prosthesis with?
The beauty of a custom-fit prosthesis is to be able to choose the bra of your choice. Proud Mary Bras will customize the bra to fit your prosthetic. Or you may choose your favorite mastectomy bra if that is what you prefer.

3.   Can my own bra be used with your prosthesis?
Yes. Proud Mary Bras can customize your favorite bra.

4.   How can I schedule an appointment?
You may make your own private appointment by calling 248-853-7570 or by sending us a message with your name and phone number using our online form.

5.   What is White Light Scanning?
The white light scan machine, with its gentle projector-like bulbs, provides safe scanning and very accurate digitized data to develop an image with the most intricate detail. With this non-contact optical measuring machine, we can take multiple high resolution
images, and form a polygon mesh of the entire surface of your chest cavity. We can scan your body before and after your mastectomy/lumpectomy to design and comfortably fit a prosthesis for your body.

6.   What is Pre-mastectomy 3D Breast Scanning?
Proud Mary Bras offers a service that will scan your breast(s) with and without your bra so that your exact shape, drape, curvature and size can be duplicated later should you choose to have a custom-fit prosthesis made for you. Some women will choose
reconstruction as there only choice prior to having their mastectomy, only to find out later they would like to have a prosthesis made instead. This process allows you to decide after your surgery what you would like to do instead of making these decisions all at one time.