Custom Prostheses

The delivered product represents the exact size and shape of your breast, or if you are having bilateral, the results can be to your desired specifications. The stunningly natural-looking prosthesis is made of a special soft, skin-like material that can be easily washed by hand with warm soapy water. The prosthesis will be fitted into your preferred choice of bra, modified to ​hold your personal custom-fit prosthesis.

Air Hugs

Air Hugs are here!

Soft, natural, huggable...
Air Hugs are made using a natural, soft,
skin-like formula and are designed with you in mind. You can face your day comfortably and confidently.

Go ahead - give a hug with confidence!

Air Hugs are available in three shades:
Blush (shown right), Tawny, and Espresso.

This product is available through Proud Mary Prosthetics and select boutiques. For reseller inquiries, please call 248-853-570 or contact us via our online form.

Air Hugs are available in three shades - Blush (shown above), Tawny, and Espresso

Air Hugs - Custom Prostheses - Bra Bags

Bra Bags


Our feathered, transparent edge fits naturally to your skin to allow for a seamless image. Looks great, feels great.


Proud Mary Prosthetics are designed with a natural soft skin-like formula with you in mind. You can face your day comfortably and confident.


You can decide what suits you best. Duplicate your natural drape, areola, and nipple or create a new look and shape!


Reverse side is designed to custom fit your body.